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So in Ether the Lord led the Jaredites into a valley northward, then into a portion of the wilderness previously unknown to man. As part of their journeys the Jaredites built barges and crossed many waters - no doubt facing significant difficulties and challenges - but they finally arrived at the seashore at Moriancumer where they abode in greater comfort for four years.

The Lord also led the Lehites through the wilderness for eight years, during which time they faced many obstacles and endured major hardships. They too were led to a pleasant seaside location at Bountiful where they abode for many days. In each case the Lord had provided guidance and help in accordance with the diligence and heed that was given to His directions by each group. But the Lord never intended that the Jaredites or the Lehites would remain at their pleasant "seaside resorts" instead, He always had in mind for them a much greater reward - including "a land which is choice above all other lands." And achieving that greater reward in each instance would require substantial additional efforts and time.

We have individually and collectively have been blessed, we have been obedient and listened to the directions and counsel received from the leaders of the church and the Spirit. You might feel that you have now found your pace, a comfortable routine, rhythm and that you can continue to work hard, but more in a "cruise control" manner. However, it is clear that the Lord still has much more in mind for each of us and for His vineyard - not just High Expectations, but ever Increasing High Expectations. It can be said that the reward that the Lord has in mind for us and for those whom we serve is an inheritance which is choice above all other inheritances - even "all that the Father hath." (D&C 84:38) And He has promised His incomparable help. So, we need to constantly improve, doing things that we have never before done, and/or doing them even better than before -- consistently getting out of our comfort zones - for, as many have observed, there is no growth in a comfort zone. Let us understand that we too must go beyond our Moriancumer and Bountiful to receive the Lord's intended and highest blessings.

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