He's HOME!!!!

Elder Barney is FINALLY HOME!!  We are so so so happy to have our missionary home!!  We are thankful for the opportunity he had to serve the Lord, the people of Seattle, and the example he has been to our family. We are VERY thankful the Lord kept him safe - and the people kept him fed :)

We are extremely blessed to have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ - for the peace and joy it brings - and especially for the blessing it is in our lives. We are grateful Elder Barney was able to share that message to the people of Seattle. I know that our family is stronger because of the blessing of missionary work. I know Elder Barney has been blessed for his service, and has returned a stronger, better version of himself - that the Lord is pleased and thankful for Elder Barney's devotion to Him. I know the Lord was there for him in his times of need, and helped mold him into the amazing man we now are blessed to have back in our home.

Welcome home Elder Barney - welcome home.

Returned with Honor - November 16, 2015

Here are a few pics from the airport:








Picture recap...

Here is a recap of some pictures we got of Elder Barney while he served his mission in the Washington Seattle Mission...