I loved conference!!! 

It was seriously one of the best sessions ever!! I wish I had my notes so I could tell you more about what I liked but I totally spaced on bringing them. But I did bring my study journal haha

I studied Alma 53

Verse 2: The leaders of the Nephites were righteous men. They looked out for their people and they loved the Lord. They were truly men of God.

Verse 6: when you are righteous, miracles happen in your life. Thats why Moroni was able to defeat the Lamanites, because he was righteous and he turned to God and His servants for guidance. 

Verse 15: We should have the same attitude as Helaman when we are about to break our covenants. It shouldn't even be an option.

Verse 20-21: We should be like the stripling warriors! We need to be courageous, valiant, and active. We need to be examples of truth and soberness.

Overall: Be righteous and you will be blessed. Don't be righteous and you will not be blessed

Well I hope you have a great week!!

<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney

(email from April 6, 2015)

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