Good Morning!


Well, Another Cloudy day in Lake Forest Park. It rained pretty much all week, surprise surprise haha. 

How the weather forecast goes in Seattle: "If you can see Mount Rainier, Its going to rain, If you can't see Mount Rainier its probably raining."

Our ward did their Halloween party on the 30th which was really fun. They had the basketball arcade game with the the 2 hoops. I got 75 points in 45 seconds, which was the high score of the night. No big deal. Don't worry, I won't let that talent go to waste, I will be putting my name in the NBA draft next season. ;) At the party we met this kid named Hiro, from Japan. He is living with a member as of a month ago and he is going to a college in Bothell. Super cool kid. He came to church yesterday and it was like drinking out of a firehose for him. He doesn't know much English, but it is really good for only being here for a month. We go to his home and we teach him English and its a great time!

Halloween was great, we got to spend it in our apartment! (if you didn't catch the sarcasm, it was definitely there haha) We were told to do weekly planning Halloween night.

I love being a missionary. I love the Gospel.

I hope you have a great week!!

<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney

(email from Nov 2, 2015)

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