How was your week? Hope it was great!
This week was pretty great, our ward had a few parties this week, it was pretty awesome! One was a farewell party for a family that was over the missionary work for the Chinese Group. So its sad to see them go. The Chinese work is really moving forward! It is awesome! The Lord is truly hastening His Work!

I studied Alma 59 this week!

Alma 59:1-2
Moroni truly cared for his people. He was happy of their success and he told everyone in all the land so they can know of the success of others and be united as a nation.

Alma 59:3
They obtained the land back miraculously because of the righteousness of the people that were trying to fight for the cities.

Alma 59:4
Moroni planned first then he acted. We need to think before we act. Observe then serve.

Alma 59:9
Moroni knew it was easier to maintain the city rather then letting it fall and try to retake it. It is easier to keep and maintain a strong testimony rather then letting it die out and try to build it up again. Faith is hard to rebuild because you already doubted once. But it can be rebuilt.

Alma 59:11-12
Moroni knew why cities were falling and he was sorrowful because of it. We need to help others strengthen their faith so they can withstand the mighty blows of the adversary. 
Have a great week!!
<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney

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