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How was your week? Did anything exciting happen last week?

The missionary work here has been pretty good! Its a little on the slow side but it will pick up soon :) Our investigators are not really committing to a return appointment, but they are still coming to church which is great! Right now we are trying to get the Chinese Group organized a little better, which will hasten the work even faster!

I read Alma 52, the War chapters in the Book of Mormon are awesome!

Alma 52:5-9
Teancum knew he could not defeat the Lamanites in their fortifications, so he retreated and made fortifications to protect themselves and waited for reinforcements. They knew their weak points so they fortified them. We need to do the same, we need to strengthen the weak points so we can stand against temptations.

Alma 52:11,15
Moroni really does care about his people. He tries to help them in their times of need. He is a great example of leadership.

Alma 52:17,19
Teancum abandoned his designs of attack and waited for Moroni so his army could be stronger because he knew it would have been a tough battle. They held a war council to determine a plan of attack. Think before you act!

Alma 52:32,37
Moroni did not delight in bloodshed, he always gave the enemy a opportunity to surrender. He had charity for everyone!

Alma 52:32-33
There is a big difference between the Nephite captains and the Lamanite captains. The Lamanites are proud and bloodthirsty while the Nephites are willing to let them surrender.

Hope you have a great week!

<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney

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