Whats up!

Things have been great this week! I had my first baptism on Saturday morning!

Sophy Chen has been so prepared throughout her life! She has been a great addition to the Chinese group! She is going to rekindle the fire that the group had and the work will take off! Its fantastic!

I studied Alma 50 this past week.

Alma 50:1
Moroni would not cease making preparations for war. He fortified and strengthened the cities of all the land. We need to be prepared against the temptations of Satan. We need to fortify and strengthen our testimony to withstand the Adversaries attacks.

Alma 50:9
In order to fortify and strengthen all the land they had to drive out all of the wickedness. We need to do the same in our lives. We need to remove wickedness and repent.

Alma 50:20
When God commands us to do something there is always a consequence whether it is good or bad. Keep the commandments ye shall prosper! Don't keep the commandments and ye shall be cut off! There is no middle ground!

Alma 50:22
The Lord truly does watch out for the righteous!

Alma 50:23,37
There was never a happier time because the people kept the commandments of God, and they had leaders who filled the role of Leadership with perfect uprightness before God. Righteous leaders and righteous people equals peace and prosperity!

Have an awesome week!!

<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney
Sister Sophy Chen with her husband and baby girl 
Elder Gemperline and Elder Barney :)

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