This week we had a great miracle. A random number texted us and introduced themselves as Wei Shu and they asked us if they could have a church tour on Thursday morning, we were super excited and we thought it was a man. No members could come so we were prepared to give it, then a women showed up! We decided to just have a lesson at the park across the street and she asked us how she can show her love to God and how can she become clean! She is on date for February 28th! It was awesome!

We were walking around yesterday, and the neighborhood was so loud, fireworks and screaming and yelling, Seahawks were winning 24-14 so Seattle was going beserek! Then we got in our car and drove to our dinner appointment at 7. We got out of our car and it was silent. You could hear a pin drop. Something was wrong... I got super happy because that meant that the Patriots were winning! We called a young man because our dinner appointment wasn't answering the door and he was like, the Seahawks are on the 1 yard line, Russell Wilson just hiked it... he threw the ball! And then yelling happened and he said, the Patriots just intercepted the ball... Game over... Boo Yah!! #NotAllowedToWatchTheSuperbowl #BlessedForObedience

On a more spiritual note...
A War Chapter really stuck out to me last week during my studies. Alma 49. 

Alma 49:7 - Talks about when we have bad intentions there will be bad results. We have to have charity for everyone and not do anything just for ourselves but to do things to help others and to please God.

Alma 49:23 - The Lord truly watches and protects the righteous, while Satan could careless about the people that choose to follow him (Alma 30:60)

Alma 49 - The reason the Nephites were so prepared and strong was because of the Leadership of Moroni. He was a Warrior-Prophet, so he was an inspired captain of the Nephite Army. He followed Gods commands which lead to the Nephite prosperity in the land. Like Moroni strengthened all of the weak points of the land, we have to strengthen the weak points of our testimony. We need to put on the Armor of God and NEVER take it off. We need to put on the armor and strengthen our weaknesses to make ourselves impenetrable to Satan and his temptations.

Have a great week!!

<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney

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