Today we walked around a lake as a mission and it was called a Revelation Walk. It was about a 3 mile walk. It was pretty cool.

Revelation Walk!

This was a pretty good week on Red Square! I am so happy school has started! I never thought I would ever say that! Our investigator Shark brought his friend to our lesson so his friend could learn more! His friend is super interested! Its awesome!

Yesterday was the best/worst day ever though! Shark texted us saying he slept in but he would get to church as soon as possible, which he never did before. He would always say he will come next week. After church he told us, that he couldn't wait to get baptized on Saturday, and that he wanted to meet with us Tuesday and Thursday and meet with bishop on sunday! Then he bore his testimony to us! We were super excited, we talked to our bishop and he said to text all of the leaders in the ward and his friends to tell them about his baptism! Then Shark told us that Davi (a guy in our ward) invited him to dinner and he was super excited! We get a call at 5pm. Shark told us that he is not going to be baptized and to cancel everything, the meetings and all the lessons. He said he won't be coming to church anymore. He wouldn't tell us why either. Then he called us again and dropped us. So Shark is not investigating the Church anymore. After 4 months of investigating he just dropped us, and we have no idea why...we just hope that he realizes what he is missing out on. We have faith he will investigate again.

The adversary is relentless! A good friend told me that when ever we try to destroy satan's kingdom, there will be struggles. We just have to keep our chin up and stay in the game!

I am loving it here!

<Kia Kaha>
-Elder Barney

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